Shopper Marketing
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Shopper marketing is not an afterthought. It’s part of the brand journey. Everything we do is about turning a consumer into a shopper, and a shopper into a purchaser.

Today’s consumers have a multiplicity of choices to pick and choose from. In a multichannel world, understanding shopper behavior and keeping them on the brand path to purchase is critical for success.

We invest massively in up-to-the-minute shopper data, so we can show how and where each purchase will take place, and why. We interview shoppers in our unique Empathy Labs and combine those insights with our big data learning. Then everything is harnessed together so that all our creative work is underpinned by this behavioral data.

We call this process "Buy Design."

It’s how we ensure that every aspect of your retail environment, including digital, social, mobile and brick and mortar, is designed to convert shoppers into buyers.

In a rapidly changing retail environment, nothing we do is by default. Everything we do is "Buy Design."