Decision Science / Analytics
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As with a weather report, it’s important to know where a storm is, but it’s equally important to track where it’s going.

Traditionally, analytics has adopted a very “rear view mirror” approach. You created a campaign, put it into market, and looked back to observe its results.

Our approach is to combine a “where we’ve been” with a “where we’re going” framework that allows for maximum flexibility to adjust marketing tactics to reflect real-time marketing dynamics.

We use various analytical techniques to conduct historical analyses of previous marketing efforts and cultural insights, uncovering hidden patterns and trends. We then create short, mid and long-term forecasts that provide an analytical road map against which the work is judged.  Should results fall above or below forecasts, adjustments can be made in real time.

This tracking and forward-looking model has been the hallmark of sophisticated data analytics in weather science. Marketing can now be conducted in a similar manner.